What is Zakat?

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.:. Zakat is an Arabic term. It denotes growth, purification and blessing.

Many prophetic Traditions command Muslims to pay Zakat and one of them is the prophetic saying "Islam was built on five pillars" one of these pillars is Zakat.

Zakat is obligatory upon every Muslim who possesses the minimum amount of wealth(threshold) liable to payment (Niswab).

This means that a Muslim whose wealth reaches the minimum amount set by religion for payment of Zakat (Niswab) should pay.

Zakat is applicable to every Muslim, whether minor or mature, male or female, aged or young, sane or insane, so Zakat is payable on the property of all these categories of people.

QURAN 24:56 (Surat Al-An-Nur) Allah Says:


And perform As-salat (Iqamat-as-salat) and give Zakat and obey the Messenger (Muhammad S.A.W) that you may receive mercy (From Allah)


Technically: the term is a definition of alms donated from the types of wealth prescribed by Shariah and their minimum amount liable to payment of the alms (Niswab).

Important facts about Zakat

  1. Zakat is the third pillar of Islam which should be handled with responsibility.
  2. Any charitable donation (swadaqah) is not considered Zakat even though the donor earns rewards.
  3. Niyya (intention) is a condition for the validity of Zakat.
  4. A person who does not believe in payment of Zakat ceases to be a Muslim.
  5. A person who does not pay Zakat out of meanness violates Allah's command and should be reprimanded.

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