In Islam the significance of niyya lies in the role it plays in differentiating between an act of worship and other actions, or differentiating between the obligatory at of worship (faradha) and non-(obligatory act of worship (sunnah). The person who wants to pay Zakat must have an intention (niyya) or a delibreate and conscious plan to pay zakat.

The Sheikh should recite a duwa for him/her.

Arabic version.

Takabala Allahu minka wabaraka Allahu fiima kadamuta wafiima Akharta.

English version

I pray that Allah accepts what you have given in (Zakat) and bless what you have remained.

The duwa recited by the sheikh upon receiving Zakat from the payer.

Allah says: Qur'an 9:103

Take alms of their wealth, wherewith you may purify them and may make them grow and pray for them. Lo! Your prayer is an assuagement for them, Allah is Hearer, Knower